Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 13...

September 12th, 2011

Why hello there!

This week was so great! Well, let's face it. Every week is great. But this week was especially good because I got two packages!! Yay! But we worked really hard this week and got a lot done! Monday, after P-day, we went to the Huonker Family and had family home evening with them. It was way cool! Their kids are so smart and it was fun just to play around with them. Made me miss my nieces and nephews :(

Then on Tuesday, we went to Ulm for district meeting and it was awesome. We had a little extra time, so we walked around Ulm and to the Münster, the tallest cathedral in the world! I got some pictures, but they don't do it justice for how big it is. We were going to climb the tower today, but we didn't have time so we'll do it another P-day. We were supposed to meet with Renada Bart again, but she said that with everything that's going on that she'll need a little time before we move on. Bummer. But she'll receive the gospel when she's ready. Then we went to Aalen and met with the Ukrainian Family I told you about. We are trying to get a Ukrainian book of Mormon for them but it's taking forever. But we just found that the Joseph Smith movie that we have has Ukrainian over voice thing! So We'll try to teach them with that because they can't speak German and their daughter is the only one who really speaks English.

Anyway, Wednesday we went to Aalen and met with this awesome lady named Sympathy from South Africa. She's way cool! And will make an excellent Mormon. Haha. But it was raining, so we met in a restaurant and taught her all about the Restoration and about Joseph Smith and how we got the Book of Mormon. She was really receptive and wants to meet up again. Then, we went to visit Abduhl and read with him in the book of Mormon. After that, we went to Sister Maiers for dinner. She's this awesome Scottish lady who always feeds us every week. I think I've mentioned her before...

Anyway. On Thursday was one of my first trials of faith I've had here. We went to Swäbisch Gmünd with Abduhl to meet with a man named Charles from Nigeria. He cooked us his famous African Stew. Oh. My. Gosh. My companion had had it before, but I was in for a treat. Let's just go over some of the ingredients, shall we? First, an entire fish (bones, head, eyes, scales, everything...) then, a ton of chicken hearts, goat (on the bone), cow stomach, a whole chicken (with the bones), and an entire bottle of oil. Along with some other stuff that I couldn't recognize. Then, everyone sits around the one plate and uses their hands. No plates, no silverware, and we all shared one cup. Yep. I know. But, I'm alive! Barely. Oh, one more thing. They don't let anything go to waste in Africa. That means that you eat the bones. Chicken bones, goat bones, fish bones. I ate it all. It's rude here to not finish the food. So we ate everything... And honestly, I don't know how I survived.

The rest of the week wasn't as crazy.. But we continued teaching our investigators and everything. It was good. But I got to go because this internet place is expensive...

I uploaded most of the pictures on my camera, but the videos are taking a while, so I'll do that next week. So check it out!

K. Bye.

Mit Liebe,
Elder Heinrich

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